Global Handwashing Day Planner's Guide 3rd Edition

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This Planner's Guide will help you plan a successful Global Handwashing Day event.

 In addition to background information, the top five facts about handwashing you should know, and insights from the latest in handwashing research, the Planner's Guide features:

UNICEF Handwashing Monitoring & Evaluation Toolkit

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This guide from UNICEF will walk you through planning and implementing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) for your handwashing promotion program.

Sanitation Marketing Toolkit

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Sanitation marketing is an emerging field with great promise to improve access and use of sanitation products and services.

Water and Sanitation Program Handwashing with Soap Toolkit

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Improving handwashing with soap practices can save children’s lives by reducing preventable diseases like diarrhea and acute respiratory infections. Despite its effectiveness in reducing disease, handwashing with soap is uncommon in many countries.

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