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On February 11 - 12, the Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing (PPPHW) hosted a Handwashing Behavior Change Think Tank where handwashing experts took stock of the best, identified the gaps, and articulated the way forward for handwashing behavior change.

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This guide from UNICEF will walk you through planning and implementing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) for your handwashing promotion program.

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A common challenge for handwashing programs is measuring handwashing behavior. This document gives an overview of the different monitoring approaches and include practical monitoring recommendations for high- and low-resource programs.

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The Water and Sanitation Program has an extensive library documenting different types handwashing devices. From simple tippy taps to group handwashing stations, this resource is a great place to get inspired.

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Choose Soap provides you with a complete, ready-to-use handwashing campaign for promoting handwashing in households in low income settings. It draws on ideas and best practices from different fields including hygiene and health promotion, behavioural sciences and marketing. You will find activity scripts, a film, and posters, stickers, and other campaign planning materials ready for download. 

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Prepared by the University at Buffalo, this report seeks to understand approaches and challenges to improving hand hygiene in humanitarian emergencies though conducting informant interviews with experts.

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The SuperAmma campaign is the culmination of years of behavioral science research to inculcate the habit of handwashing with soap. This communication campaign is based on the Evo-Eco theory of behavior change. The website linked to here includes the approach and the materials that worked successfully in Southern India.

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This poster from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) outlines when and how one should wash their hands.

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Through this initiative geared towards families and children, Colgate-Palmolive provides handwashing tips, educational materials, games, and downloads.

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Improving handwashing with soap practices can save children’s lives by reducing preventable diseases like diarrhea and acute respiratory infections. Despite its effectiveness in reducing disease, handwashing with soap is uncommon in many countries.

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