global hand washing day in Kairouan



we the service hygienne and protection of Kairouan envirennement in Kairouan , Tunisia , we celebrated this day by organising an open day in École Avicenne Kairouan and we taught children how , why and when they should wash their hands by presenting many activities like movies , drawind activities , a presentation and then we made them see how germs get onto their hand then their boodies and we made them wash their hands and we had a song that we have taught to all children then we sang it all together in the courtyard . In addition we have made the big dolls of the hand washing day ( the soap , the water drop an the hand) . Last but not least we organised a compitition between the children ; they stood in queues (groups ) and evry one have to run to the place they wash there hands and take a break . Finally the children took attestations and medals and thats :) the pictures will be post soon we gave them a piece of soap and folds to make children alwayse remeber this day and work with those principals .
I'm so sorry for beig late the video wasn't ready that day but now it is

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