About the Partnership

The Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing with Soap (PPPHW) is a coalition of international stakeholders whose focus is handwashing and child health.

Established in 2001, the partnership aims to give families, schools, and communities in developing countries the power to prevent diarrhea and respiratory infections by supporting the universal promotion and practice of proper handwashing with soap at critical times.

Many global and national organizations are committed to promoting handwashing with soap on a large scale, including:

  • Governments that support national programs to promote handwashing.
  • Donor organizations that increasingly include handwashing in their water, sanitation, health, and education programs.
  • The private sector that brings state-of-the-art marketing know-how and techniques to the table, as well as support at the national level.
  • Academic and scientific organizations that contribute the latest behavior change theory and scientific evidence of the effectiveness of handwashing.
  • Non-governmental and community-based organizations that aim to promote handwashing programs and integrate them into their work agenda.

The PPPHW works explicitly to promote handwashing with soap and recognizes that hygiene, sanitation, and water are pillars of development.